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Health Professions Loan Program


This loan is for students in the College of Veterinary Medicine. These funds can be used for educationally-related costs, including, but not limited to, general enrollment fees, tuition, room/board and books.



Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDS) Program provides long-term, low interest rate loans to full-time, financially needy students from disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. 


Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL) Program provides long-term, low interest rate loans to full-time, financially needy students to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. 

  • Students must complete the FAFSA each year for the following fall. Students must provide income and asset information for themselves and their spouse (if married). An annual deadline is given to students as well.
  • Students must have their parent(s) complete the Loans for Disadvantaged Students and Health Professions Loan Application. The application will be available in your new student packet or in an email from the College of Veterinary Medicine. 
  • Awarded to students who demonstrate the greatest financial need. "Need" is determined based on a student's financial profile as well as that of his/her parent(s).

More information

  • What does disadvantaged background mean? 

    An individual from a disadvantaged background is defined as one who comes from an environment that has inhibited the individual from obtaining the knowledge, skill, and abilities required to enroll in and graduate from a health professions school, or from a program providing education or training in an allied health profession; or comes from a family with an annual income below a level based on low income thresholds according to family size published by the U.S. Bureau of Census, adjusted annually for changes in the Consumer Price Index, and adjusted by the Secretary, HHS, for use in health professions and nursing programs.

  • Why is parent information required?

    The Health Professions Program is authorized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The treatment of parental income and the determination of a theoretical contribution on the part of the parents is a long standing policy.

  • If I receive a Health Professions Loan, what is the potential affect on my financial aid award?

    The Health Professions Loan will either supplement or replace your eligibility in the Direct Loan program.

  • How do I complete the Parent Financial Statement if I am married?
    Your spouse is considered part of your parent’s family for the Health Profession Program. Be sure to include your spouse in your parent’s household size.


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