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Short Term Emergency Loan


The Short-Term Emergency Loan is designed to assist OSU students who are currently enrolled and attending classes to meet educationally-related off-campus expenses. Examples of such expenses include but are not limited to off-campus rent, utilities and medical expenses. Students may borrow up to $500 less a $10 Service Charge one time per semester.


  • Must be currently attending classes and enrolled in at least the following:
    • Undergraduate: 6 hours (Fall or Spring Semester), 3 hours (Summer Semester)
    • Graduate: 4 hours (Fall or Spring Semester), 2 hours (Summer Semester)
  • Must include valid sources of repayment, such as employment, current semester financial aid not already credited to student account, or parental support.
  • Must not owe on a previous short-term loan.


Application process

  • Applications are available in our office beginning 5 working days before classes start.
  • The first day loan proceeds will be available is the first day of classes each semester.
  • Loans will not be approved if you are scheduled to receive a financial aid disbursement that will provide you with a refund within 5 days of the date the Short-Term Loan funds would be available to you.

Disbursement & repayment

  • If the loan is approved, a check will be available for pick up within 48 hours at the Bursar's Office. The charge for your loan will appear on your student account and will be billed on the last working day of the current month. You have until the 15th of that month, in which billed, to make payment without penalty, except during the last month of each academic session (December, May and July). During those months, loan repayment is due prior to the last day of classes.
  • If you allow your account to become delinquent, you will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5% per month (19.56% APR) computed on the unpaid balance. Future enrollment, release of an academic transcript or diploma, or any other type of enrollment certification will be withheld until your account is current.


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